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    Unhappy silicone caulking removal from window trim?

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    Default Re: silicone caulking removal from window trim?

    Silicone caulking can be a beggar to do away with which is why it should only be used in specific situations. It is oily and will soak into wood which might prevent the wood from accepting a stain uniformly(or at all)even after removing all that's on the surface. First thing I'd do is get the contractor back out for a number of reasons. First is to have them show you a tube of the caulking they used so you can determine if it is indeed unpaintable silicone or one of the less active clear look-alikes. Second is to explain and show you why you still have air infiltration at the windows; a proper installation should have stopped this which leads me to believe that this may not have been done correctly in the first place. Like vinyl siding, replacement windows are a facet of the construction industry where there are far too many people who think they know what they are doing when they don't. The result is a poor job for the customer and a bad name for people like me who would never consider doing a sub-par job. You didn't mention when these windows were installed but in most places you only have a one year warranty on the installation no matter how long the product is guaranteed, so document and begin your complaint within this timespan if you can in case you end up having to go to court to get this situation fixed. Give the contractor a chance to correct it to your satisfaction but if they can't or won't then go see your lawyer and help rid my business of yet another person or outfit that shouldn't be here in the first place.


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    Default Re: silicone caulking removal from window trim?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mastercarpentry View Post
    Give the contractor a chance to correct it to your satisfaction but if they can't or won't then go see your lawyer and help rid my business of yet another person or outfit that shouldn't be here in the first place.

    Sage advice, as always MC.

    Many jurisdictions also have a contractor regulatory bureau which is charged with licensing and regulation of said contractors. Many times a complaint filed with this bureau will facilitate a mediation/resolution of the problem. I recommend this only as a last resort, but from the sounds of it, it may be a course you will need to follow.

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