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    Default Recommendations for patio doors??

    We are looking to replace our patio doors due to water damage coming in from the outside. Does anyone have any recommendations for a well made patio door that will be used on a daily basis?? We have seen ratings for Pella, Anderson, Marvin and are now confused as to a high quality door. Looking for any advice.....

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    Default Re: Recommendations for patio doors??

    pella and anderson make great doors just buy the better quality line of doors.

    and most important. HAVE IT INSTALLED BY A PROFESSIONAL THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. very important. so door does not leak. remember that is not the cheepest bid.

    door must be squared up, sealed correctly with flashing correctly. I have seen lots of doors not done properly, that I have had to redo.

    install should run around 450 to 750 depending on siding etc.

    ask the person how they plan on doing it and see if they understand the details etc.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for patio doors??

    We have both an Anderson and Pella.
    We HATE the Pella for one reason. The screen is on the outside. What difference does that make?...
    Cool summer evening. Windows and doors are open to let the breeze in. It's time to close up and go to bed. You have to open the screen door, let in all the mosquitos and moths that are clinging to the screen drawn by the interior lights, in order to close the door. Now my kitchen is full of bugs.
    Other than that... they're both great doors.
    - Maria

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