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    Default Water Hammer when Using Shower


    I was looking for some help with a problem I have had for over a year and is getting progressively worse. I have had a noticeable water hammer when turning the water on and off from the shower dial. Here is a brain dump on the issue:

    - House is a traditional cape style. Hot water heater and water line into house are is in basement and shower is on second floor.

    - The problem does not occur all the time and the hammering appears to usually start when the shower dial gets into the hot water region.

    - The hammering effect may also occur when quickly tirning off the water.

    - When the hammering occurs when turning on the water I usually dial the knob back slowly and then proceed back into he hot water region. When the hammering occurs when shutting off the shower, I remedy the issue by opening a faucet anywhere in the house and then the hammering will usually stop.

    - I recently went through all accessible areas and ensure that all water pipes were secure in the basement and even cut behind the shower to ensure that the water pipes were secured but it didn't help with the hammering issue.

    - I would say that the problem is more common first thing in the morning as opposed to any other time of the day when someone uses the tub.

    Sidenote: The toilet in the bathroom will tend to run continuously when the shower is on and stop when shut. This may be an independent issue but thought I would let you know

    Thanks for any help or advice. We really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Water Hammer when Using Shower

    Install hammer arrestors. Google for it.

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    Default Re: Water Hammer when Using Shower

    the most simple sollution to the problem is to shut the water off and drain the water lines,and then open the water again this will replenish the "airchambers",and do this proceedure each time the symptoms recurr.
    the problem is most prevelent with single handle faucets.

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