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    I too am glad that you had your electrical problem fixed and couldn't have advised you very well anyway since I am not an electrician. Oh I have done minor things such as wire up plugs or put in a new light switch but nothing major.
    I do though want to share with you a bad experience we had at our house and warn people about water and panel boxes. We have always had our panel box inside our house and at one time we had an upgrade made to our panel box from 100 amp to 200 amp. What we didn't realize at the time is when the electrician ran the wire into our panel box inside from the meter he never properly fixed the box to keep water from getting inside our panel box either on the inside of the house or outside. We never had flickering lights although things were getting badly corroded inside of our electrical box. We probably would have never found out except for the fact that we were having a new three way light switch installed and the new electrician wanted to go into the panel box. It was then that he spotted water in the box and corrosion. The electrician said that if I don't replace your box you will have a serious fire and maybe even and exploding electrical box. Like you we caught that in time and nothing happened but it certainly could have and if we hadn't had a better electrician come to our house we would have been dead by now.
    Here are a few things too look for to determine if your box is installed correctly from what I learned from our electrician. Is your panel box up fairly high and if so does the wire coming from the meter box point up or down as it enters your electrical box? If it points down then you have a good installation as water can never enter your box through the sleeve that covers the wires coming from your electrical box. If it points up then water will get into your electrical box if there isn't maybe some already there. Whatever you do though don't take the cover off of your panel box yourself! It is very dangerous and you could get electrocuted. Instead call an electrician and have him or her look your box over and change your wiring and your box if necessary. Also have the electrician replace any putty at the top of your meter box to keep out moisture and if allowed in your area have him or her replace your meter box. If they can't do it then tell your electric company you want a new meter box. So be warned and be safe!

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    Default Re: Flickering Lights

    A few years ago when we had our kitchen rehabbed, we decided to have under the counter lights installed. Unfortunately the contractor, put in plugs behind the cabinets on the wall. He then bought and plugged in halogen strips for under the counters. One cabinet has two lights and the other two cabinets each have three lights. I have replaced more bulbs in those lights than I care to remember. I would love to replace the whole mechanism and, put in some smaller strip lighting. Is this possible? And, should I try and do it or do I need to get an electrician? You can email me at: mnsignr@gmail.com
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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