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    Default attaching 2x4 to steel tubing

    Hello, everybody.
    We're soon going to have a new metal garage, and in order to have pegboard, shelving, etc, I'll have to attach 2x4's horizontally to the metal tubing that supports the structure. The tubes are 12gauge galvanized, and I'm wondering about the best fastener to just screw the 2x4's right to the tubes.
    The manufacturer uses 1/4" TEKS screws to attach the walls to the tubing; 1/4" seems like overkill for this, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: attaching 2x4 to steel tubing

    I saw a fence in one of my magazines which started out as galvanized fence posts with brackets attached to them to hold the typical wood privacy fence horizontal members. That would be 2 screws or bolts to support the board which sounds better than screwing into metal to me.

    I wish I could find the article for you but my google search didn't turn up the article.

    1/4" teks screws to secure the metal sheathing to the pipe sounds right to me. part of that lengths should be absorbed by a rubber washer to waterproof the connection and allow the metal to flex.

    I popped next door to the metal workshop my neighbor has. What I describe to you is exactly what the previous owners did. Undoing the bolts to replace boards that sustained water damage when water infiltrated the workshop saved them a lot of time and effort. I'm sorry I forgot to take my camera and they're gone to the car show now.
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