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    Default Make new window frame out of Vinyl Boards?

    I have a 1950's house, it appears that they had a double pane window made for the front of the house in recent years, but the window frame (very simple 1x6) has totally rotted out. I was thinking to prevent it from rotting in the future I could re-build the wooden frame around the double-pane glass with the white vinyl trim boards I've seen at the hardware store.

    Has anyone seen this done before?

    Alternatives are that I make the frame out of wood again and then perhaps use some aluminum sheathing to protect it from the elements (as well as a good coat of paint).


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    Default Re: Make new window frame out of Vinyl Boards?

    I think PVC lumber, though expensive, would be an excellent choice.
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    Default Re: Make new window frame out of Vinyl Boards?

    I agree with Jack, I want to do this with and exterior door which is exposed to the elements too. I just haven't yet.

    My husband has used similar materials to frame pictures... Cutting 45* angles is fairly easy, although a little stinky. Be sure to use the proper glue at the corners.

    Yes you need to glue the corners together so that they will stay together while the sheathing/siding or other wood products flex beneath the window "frame"
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