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    I need to replace a two handle bathtub faucet. One handle broke off. How do I do this myself?


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    Do you want to change the handle, the stem (the part the handle attaches to), or the whole valve?

    Handles are held in place by a screw, usually under a button or cap. Remove the screw, then remove the handle (or remnants there of ).

    Stems are held in place by a nut (generally). Turn off water supply to the house and relieve the pressure by opening another faucet for a few moments. Using a wrench or socket, remove the nut, the stem will come with it.

    The whole valve is much more difficult and is not a DIY project if you aren't reasonably handy. It will also most likely entail opening up the finished wall of the shower surround to access the plumbing, which means repair of the wall and replacement of the surround.

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