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    Default Re: Does "Power-Save" really work?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue RidgeParkway View Post
    Fully expect the flying cadre of alter egos to start the slam fest ranting "drive bys" to begin again shortly, they tend to show up firing whenever you and yours suffer from "open mouth, insert foot" syndrome and your pride feels wounded.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blue RidgeParkway View Post
    Simply and at the level of your most recent post:
    Rubber, Glue, Bounce, Stick - On You! Oh yes, and you started it AGAIN - neener neener!

    Promise? Doubt it, then who could you blame for your own actions and writings yourself? Grow up!

    Although that ("growing up") may be too challenging for you, the "genius" who doesn't realize that he's selected a time zone display on his user settings that affects the "hours" that he sees for post stamp times (or that it doesn't match the time-zone of his declared "location")! If you can't understand that shift, how could anyone including your own self, have expected that you could understand or apply any other concept of "time" ?!? ROAR!
    Yawn, yawn, yawn.
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