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    Default Re: Does "Power-Save" really work?

    Quote Originally Posted by ms0660 View Post
    I saw a commercial for a product called "Power-Save". It is basically a capacitor that you can install yourself on your main breaker box that is "supposed to" save you energy by storing electricity to help start motors such as Air conditioner compressors, refrigerators etc. Can you tell me if it is worth the investment of almost $300.00? It seems to me that your Microwave and your A/C compressors already come with its own capacitor. So Howcan this really help?....Is this a scam do you think?
    Yes, I think a total scam, no I don't think it can help do anything other than lighten your wallet.

    Reminds me far to much about the "energy smart" Power Planner sold at big boxes years ago, not only a bunch of hype and hooey, ruined some appliances, the darn things caused some fires and were a major shock hazard (took that for the government to act - too embarassed over the whole NASA-Nola debacle).

    Here's a link to the CPSC recall, then enjoy searching the web and read all about this whole conditioned power hooey. You're not on 3-phase and running a bunch single phase transformers and motors, or planning on building your own space capsule and are ready to launch it, it can only cost you money.

    Here's a link to the old CSA recall:

    Coast Energy Management disappeared less than 3 years after the recall (2005) guess some other front is trying to unload them again or worse. These companies come and go with any money long gone or poof overseas.

    Who was it who said "there's one born every minute" about "suckers"? Don't waste your money on any of these "(Frank) Nola-type" Power Factor Controllers. Just remember "lipstick on a pig".

    Inductive currents effecting PF minimal and will do nothing correcting harmonic current - and the effects on your usage measured through the meter - aren't going to help you one smidge. That's my opinion. Now if you have a lot of motors to start up at the same time and are on a demand meter.....soft starters might be worth considering.

    Here is a link to a very well written and politically correct article published by PG&E, easy to understand by the average consumer "Before you Buy a Black Box":

    Power Walt please explain that other post...when is a Watt not equal to a Volt-Amp? otherwise what-the-heck, huh? Voltage x Amperage = watts at that instant doesn't it? What difference is your black box device installed after the meter, going to make on what the power company's meter indicates.
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