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    Arrow Cost to add crown molding

    I just bought a 1950's ranch and am going to remodel/update the entire home. I am putting together a budget to see what everything costs and need some help estimating cost to redo the entire crown moldings in the house. The house is 3,600 sq. ft. and has all original moldings, so I will need to rip out and replace all of it. I am not into anything intricate, just looking for that thick, simple, updated look. Does anyone have a good guestimate? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Cost to add crown molding

    If you're doing the work yourself, then the cost will be relatively inconsequential, maybe $500 - $1,000 for all your materials. If you're hiring it done, then you could be looking at 4 to 5 times that, depending on factors specific to your home.

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