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    Default Colonial Entry Design

    On a typical colonial home the front door is flush with one or two steps up. When the door is opened to enter, the center stairway is almost directly at door, and makes it a tight space to greet guest.
    My question is - how can that be changed - i'm thinking about bumping out the entry and making the entry door a double - that way guest come into a enclosed space and if you open the right side of the new door, you are further away from the stairway. Has anybody seen that done - or know of other entry options?

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    Default Re: Colonial Entry Design

    Boy, that's got to be a tight space. You could always build a vestibule out and move the door, or doors. I'm not sure I've seen one I liked. And if this is a true colonial, I wouldn't make any such changes at all. Part of the charm of older architecture is the odd spaces they have.

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