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    Unhappy Metal Clad Ext. Door

    I'm helping install a wood core metal clad exterior door. The problem is that the opening isn't standard size. The owner has already put the frame in & when he did he removed the top of the door frame. Now the door needs to be trimmed to fit.(The top needs to be cut to line up the hinges) The walls are block & the floor is wood. Can the door be cut @ the top, & what is the best tool to do this with? Thanks Sooooo Much !

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    Default Re: Metal Clad Ext. Door

    I wouldn't cut the door. You could 1. Put the old door back in temporarilly and order a door that will fit the hole and hinge positions. or 2.If the door will fit but just not line up with the hinges you could cut new mortises in the jamb to fit the new door. You'll have to fill in the old mortises with wood filler. Personally I would chose the first option. It may take longer but it is the right way to go. You can order doors to fit any size hole you have. Look in you yellow pages for door companies or millwork companies.

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