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    Kathryn4 Guest

    Question old house indoor photos

    I have an olympus camers and I need to use it for the indoor photos of old houses and various rooms. There is no electricity and only natural window light. The interiors are going to be dark as there has not been any remodeling done. These are historic any suggestions? Do I need to buy a wide angle lens? A Tripod?


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    m37734 Guest

    Default Re: old house indoor photos

    slow the shutter speed (need tripod for that)
    or if your using a 35mm film camera try using 800 or 1000 speed film. I take pictures by moonlight with 1000 speed film and it's illuminated beautifully.

    good luck

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    Kathryn4 Guest

    Default Re: old house indoor photos

    Thank you for the info. I have a digital - will get extra cards and
    pick up a tripod. Hopefully my camera has some setting also that I can look into.

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    Default Re: old house indoor photos

    Just an idea but you might want to try a photography forum to post your question along with the model # of your camera.

    Also, the stores around me are selling 2gig cards for 20 bucks..... That's a lot of photos, a lot of super fine photos.

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    Default Re: old house indoor photos

    How about a battery spotlight?
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    Default Re: old house indoor photos

    I'm not familiar with Olympus but I have a digital Nikon SLR and here are some options I would consider:

    1) ASA setting ("film" speed) - increase to somewhere in the area of 1000. Will tend to produce somewhat grainy photo's.
    2) Flash - Probably would need an external unit as they provide more light.
    3) External lighting - Most better digital cameras can adjust for color temperature. For example if using incandescent light, the camera can adjust. Also, most photo finishing software can do this too.
    4) Tripod will allow longer shutter speeds and lower ASA setting for better quality photos.

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