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    Default Reasonable Remodels

    While I love the magazine and find it a treasure trove of tips and techniques and good design, I am always frustrated to know that I will be limited to cherry-picking ideas or details from the home remodels featured because of their complexity, scale, or most often, their expense. I live in an area (Western NY) where home values were not affected by the recent housing boom (or bust), and are quite affordable for nearly anyone. This means though, that spending $25,000 on a kitchen remodel could price you right out of a neighborhood or never see a return on the investment when you sell, where your home may only be valued at $90,000. The shows and articles have gotten more grandiose over the years and in general, no mention of cost is made any longer. So I'd like to see some remodels of a modest scale with some real budget numbers associated with them. Maybe an article on redoing your kitchen for under $5000, or something like that. I guess I'm looking for some articles that bring the remodel's back to earth a bit. I can send before and after photos of my own bathroom refurb. After I take care of the punchlist though

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    I agree with the others we need to see a modest and very good kitchen remodel. However if you know how to biuld cabinets yourself though labor intensive you can select great materials and proudly display in the end your crafstmanship. If you are reluctant to build cabinets. Take a course or two at a community colledge. You might be supprised how well you might do. Then start by building cabinets for the garage first till you get your confidence up then tackle the kitchen. Though time would be involved it is time well spent and invested.

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    This is a good idea from my pov as well. Ways to create a good looking remodel, upgrade, spruce-up from less expensive materials from the local building suppliers. Example: I cannot afford expensive cabinets for the kitchen; what can I do with the most inexpensive store brand that will be good looking and functional?

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    Default Re: Reasonable Remodels

    This by far is one of the best threads of a post I have seen thus far concerning the "idea of costs" and such. My wife and I always enjoyed "Trading Spaces" on TLC because of the time and the cost. I have grown up with the big box stores of Lowe's and Home Depot for getting mass market stuff. Also, I only make $45,000 a year. So everything is about cost. Now, I am a plumber by trade and so I also have to do my own carpertry and electritcal on the job sometimes. Or I network with the other tradesman. This is an excellant way to get things done as well.

    Does anybody know of a website here these discussions happen? I go back and forth from here to Yahoo! Answers for these postings and discussions. I completly agree that finding a way to do things nicely and less expensive is getting more difficult. I have always said, "There are 3 points to any job, and you can have any 2 of the 3, but not all three:
    1. Low Cost
    2. Excellant Quality
    3. Fast and Quick Timeframe.
    You can only have 2, since the 3rd will be oppisite.

    Are there any good websites for this? Good luck. Proccess of elimination.

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    Default Re: Reasonable Remodels

    I think that a majority of the kitchen and bath remodels are the "guttings" that TOH undertakes. The mag does a nice job highlighting available materials, new products, etc. that can go into the jobs. It also does get into some lower cost DIY projects to give you the skills, but not necessarily a whole low cost kitchen remodel.

    If you're looking for a low cost kitchen remodel, consider:
    Cabinets will be your biggest expense. You'll save a bundle if you can paint, or refinish, or even just replace the doors or hardware.
    Changing just the countertops to a nicer laminate will make a huge change.
    Check out home demolition sales or salvage companies for salvaged kitchens.
    Every big city seems to have a tile outlet store that buys odd lots of ceramic tile. Laminate floors and linoleum are inexpensive too.

    So use the combo of TOH and Trading Spaces to do things on the cheap. You need to be creative yourself since there's no "low cost" job that will be the same anywhere.


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    Default Re: Reasonable Remodels

    Try an Ikea Kitchen. I was planning a high end custom kitchen until I saw these. They are amazing. if there's no Ikea near you, it would be worth your while to travel to one.

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