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    Default GeoThermal Heat Pump Question

    I have a GeoThermal heat pump and I live in No. Calif. Because of my location finding anyone that knows a lot about this type of heating and cooling system has proven to be a challenge.
    The operation at this time is a "OPEN LOOP" system. I would like to change it to a "CLOSED LOOP" system, but I have some questions.
    1. How do I determine how much tubing is needed.
    2. I have a dry well (I think it is about 200 feet deep X about a 8 inch dia) I would like to use that well to but the pipe in, but I'm not sure if there is enough room for the pipe, or if it will need to be redrilled. What are the diminsions of the pipe to be put into the ground?
    3. Is there someone in this area (Sacramento) that does this type of work, and is knowledgable?

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    Default Re: GeoThermal Heat Pump Question

    check out this web site

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