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    Richard Trethewey demonstrated a pex plumbing line and stated that the pex would return to its original shape and no fastener was necessary to hold the pipe in place. In another show, he had another pex line that he slipped a ring onto the joint with his hand and stated that was all that was necessary to make the connection. who are the manufactures of these particular pex materials.

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    Depending on the area of the country you live will have different styles. I am figuring out the the upper East Coast uses the Upnor/ Wirsbo type and it can be more costly. Here in North Carolina we use the slip ring over the PEX with the fitting on the inside. There are always tools that need to be purchased (called crimpers). What I would do is call the local plumibng supply house and ask what they carry. Do not go through Lowe's or Home Depot on this one. You can also ask them for any "spec sheets" on the materials. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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