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    Well, where do I start, I have purchase my first home, and I was quite happy with it, then we had a couple of days of rain, heavy at times. I came home one day only to find my basement floor covered in water. The previous owners had recently put in new ceramic tiles, which makes me think something could be underneath those indicating a past problem... Anyway, I have an underground drainage system that the gutters go to. Thinking this may have been the problem, being that one of the tiles had broken, I have since bought 90 degree gutters pieces and installed those with about a 5 foot cut of guttering after that to drain the water away from the house. However, still yet, the water seems to be seeping in. Obviously I would like it figure this out if I can, as I DO like the house as well. Anyway, this is just part of home ownership I guess . I do have to say I have already been somewhat prepared for things happening to my house thanks to watching the show. The water does seem to be coming in mainly around the side of the house that the downspouts from the gutters go to, however it also comes in a little on the cinder block wall into my garage, that currently has no drain. These are things that the inspector never pointed out, so I am assuming it is not against code in Indiana. At this point I will stop rambling and pray for an answer from you guys if you have a moment. I realize it could be much worse at the same time.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated on how I can resolve this issue.

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    My uncle installed this in his basement and has not had any issues since!

    Let me know how it goes!


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