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    Default Table Saw - Cup up or Cup down???

    When cutting on the table saw do you cut with the cup up or down??? and Why???

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    Default Re: Table Saw - Cup up or Cup down???

    I cut with the cup up so that as the saw passes through the material, the piece between the fence and the blade can't drop down and pinch, causing a kickback. Depending on the severity of the cup and what the finished dimension of the piece will be, there are safer methods of resaw cupped material.

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    Default Re: Table Saw - Cup up or Cup down???

    Cup down with a shim hot glued to the center, that way the wood is suported on its two outside edges so it can't rock while cutting.
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    Default Re: Table Saw - Cup up or Cup down???

    Jointer first, cup side down, then nice flat surface on the table saw.

    No matter what direction you put the cup side on a table saw you run the risk of the wood binding and kicking back... assuming you're doing a rip cut.

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