As I recall, 25 years ago U-Haul was a family owned company. There were 3 or 5 brothers that all wanted to be chief, which equated to no one from the top down knowing what was going on. Policies were mandated that made it impossible to operate at the store level.

Then there were the regional managers that like to come in and try to get you fired. There was a central cash drawer for 4 registers and it was against policy to use the secret bypass switch to open the drawer, you had to use the register. One day one of these yahoo's was in my store yelling and bitching that he couldn't get into the cash drawer, how the hell do you get in the cash drawer. He looked at me and asked if I knew how and I said yes, and I'd be happy to show him where the switch was (he already knew ), but that I was not going to open the drawer for him. He shut up after that.

Management took away our petty cash so that we had to rely on corporate for all our supplies, which were generally out of stock or completely unavailable, yet being a service center we were charged with keeping the equipment up and running. How do you do that when you can't get supplies from corporate AND you aren't allowed to utilize local suppliers? We'd get in trouble because we had half our fleet out of commission waiting for this part or whatever. Finally, we just put everything out on the lot and made it look like we had trucks for rent, then when we'd get to the broken vehicles those were "reserved".

But enough of that ...