Thanks for the info on the compressor. In the bedroom I'm redoing, I had to replace and level the sub floor (it sloped down almost 3" from one side to the other). I did it by putting shims on the joists, but in a 12X15 room that gets tedious. I know the proper way would be to "sister" some new level joists in, but I didn't want to hammer them in, and I wasn't too sure about screws. A framing gun would have been perfect (I bought the compressor kit after I was done shimming). I have another room to do on the other side of the sloping wall - maybe I'll get a framing gun for that. I did use the nailer to blind nail the shiplap floorboards, and my back thanked me for it. I used antique looking square-cut nails to top nail. I was thinking of getting a spray painter for the compressor to do the beadboard outside, but it's still too cold here.
Geez, it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about.
Does an electric toothbrush count as a power tool?