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    Love this thread. ROFLMAO! Too funny. And really appreciate everyone's contributions.

    I had to yank a client's wooden exterior door a couple days ago to strip and refinish both sides. This is not their main entrance and so it's not a big deal for them. But I gotta plug the hole with something even though there's a nice storm. Don't have any spare sheets laying around right now, so go to Menard's to acquire a sheet of rigid foam insulation. Find some 1 1/2" sheeets, but no price anywhere to be seen. Grab an employee (about 30 YO) and he goes to the closest puter to query. In the search field he types .....insolation. Hits the enter key. No results. Looks puzzled. I point out that he mis-spelled the word. "Oh, yeah". Types again......insalation. Same result. I bite my tongue. He grabs his phone and calls another employee. "How do you spell insulation?" (Hey fella, ask me, I know. ) He hangs up and mumbles something to himself, then reaches for the keyboard again. This time he types....foom. I correct him and so he then tries......foam. Took ten minutes, butI finally got a price. All the while there is a huge freakin' sign on the wall right over his head that says......FOAM INSULATION.

    BTW, we aren't "customers" at Menard's......we are "guests". "Guest needs assistance in electrical department." Give me a freakin' break. I ain't your guest...I'm just a shopper lookin' for materials. If I was your guest......... you'd best be offering me something to eat, something to drink and a Lazyboy to digest in. "Guests" at our house don't come to spend money and go home with purchased stuff.

    As far as big-box "previous shoppers" giving you the shaft by returning goods for a refund.....that aren't what they oughta be......

    A few years back we were involved in a very extensive woodwork refinish job while the clients were gone to Germany for three weeks. Everything had to go just so or we (3 of us) weren't going to make it by the time they returned. Cleaning, recoloring mucho woodwork and then clear-coating with nitro-cellulose lacquer. One day we're shooting nitro over what we'd managed to prep & recolor the day before by 9 PM. Am out of lacquer thinner by mid-morning and so run out to Menard's to grab a couple gallons. (It's a bit closer than Sherwin-Williams) Return and mix up more nitro. Spray away. I later look back on what I'd shot about two hours prior and it all has the sugar-frosted flakes appearance. Moisture is getting in the nitro somehow. It isn't humid at all, so that isn't the cause. We break for noon and decide to test my suspicions while we chow. Pour some of that new lacquer thinner into a shallow jar lid and wait. Sure enough, all the LT evaporates, leaving a layer of pure water behind. Someone had used some of the LT, then refilled the gallon can with water and returned it for full refund. That little stunt cost me about $500 in restripping, recoloring and re-nitro. If I find that perp......it's hang 'em high time. I won't buy any more solvents at a big box....ever.

    (Yes, we made it in time. I finished all the final clean-up and everything was sparkling spic and span...... 2 1/2 hours before they returned home. Yikes! <G>)
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