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    Default sanding between oil base paints?

    i am painting my trim with oil base, do i lightly sand between coats?

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    Default Re: sanding between oil base paints?


    I am a firm believer in following the manufacturers instructions. However, in general, it is not neccessary to sand between coats with alklyd oil enamel. Oil enamel is not like the urethane varnishes which become so hard when cured that they do not bond well to themselves unless scuff sanded. Of course, if you managed to get some corruption into the paint, a light scuff sanding never hurts.

    I assume that you are multiple coating to effect a color change on otherwise sound paint. If the existing paint is in bad shape with cracking or peeling, I would have first coated with an oil enamel undercoater. The undercoater would then be given a light sanding and dust removal before painting.

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    Default Re: sanding between oil base paints?

    Sanding is not necessary between coats of oil based paint for adhesion. However, if after the first coat you notice some rough areas its always a good idea to feather sand to run the rough areas down a little bid before applying the finish coat.

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