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    Default Oil or Latex Paint, how to tell

    I am painting the inside of my house and I'm not sure if the paint on the trim work and doors is oil or latex. How can I tell if it is oil or not?

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    Default Re: Oil or Latex Paint, how to tell

    Chey, you can rub the woodwork in an inconspicuous location with denatured alcohol or Goof Off paint cleaner. They will rapidly start desolving the surface of latex paints, but not touch an oil base paint.
    You can also tell by the "ropey" appearance of brushed on latex paints as opposed to the relatively smooth, hard appearance of oil paint. The latex also feels gummy to the touch, especially when it is humid.

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    Default Re: Oil or Latex Paint, how to tell

    Thanks you for your comment I didn't have either products but I found that gas line antifreeze works great too. It broke down the latex fast and didn't touch oil based paint.

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