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    Lightbulb recessed lighting

    I am remodeling my kitchen and wish to install recessed lighting. The problem is I have a two-way switch and old wiring, the kind without a ground. I don't think I am capable of rewiring to the basement. Can I just rewire to the switches and what do I do about the ground?

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    Default Re: recessed lighting

    If you are doing an extensive remodel, and your house wiring is currently Knob and Tube, which would not include an integrated ground, you should seriously consider hiring an electrician to do an extensive upgrade, removing as much of the K & T as possible and replacing it with a current code standard. Although this can be expensive it will be more than worth it for your own peace of mind, future resale value, and could even lower your current HO insurance. Personally, if I do reno work where K & T is present, I always insist on removing and upgrading anything that is accessible or can be made so with minimal damage.

    If you have something more current than K & T, as YukYuk says, you may have a grounded system without a visible ground wire. Adding recessed lighting to this is not a problem, as long as you ensure you are not overloading the current curcuit.

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