I have a garage entry door to the house. The door is solid wood. We have three hinges on the door. Lately it appears that the door is no longer square in the frame. I checked level and plumb of the frame (jamb) and they seem ok. I checked the tightness of the hinge screws, they seem ok.

At the top hinge, there is a small series of cracks that do move when I lift on the door. The cracks are in the area between the jamb and trim (?). Facing the door with the hinges on the left, the lock side has a 1/4 inch space at the bottom and a sliver of space at the top. The space at the top on the hinge side is 1/4 inch, lock side is 3/8 inch.

When I look at the door it is not square or level to the frame. How do I fix this? I don't want to adjust the lower hinge or put big screws around the upper hinge unless it is the correct fix.