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    Default 2nd Floor Bathroom

    I have an older colial style home and the second floor has one large bedroom with a large storage area in the rear of the home. I would like to create a master suite on the second floor but I feel I have a potential problem. The hot and cold water lines are run up into the second floor along with a PVC drain pite that is not tied in yet. The floor joists are old and they are 2x6 maybe 6 1/4". I have seen some remodelers make the mistake of cutting the joist to run the drain lines. I do not want to make the same mistake. Does anyone have any suggestions what to do about the drain line?

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    Default Re: 2nd Floor Bathroom

    There's usually no need to cut the joists.

    Drain pipes need only be pitched down 1/8" to 1/4" per foot for the drain water to flow in the pipe.

    Are you saying there is a ceiling attached to the bottom of the 6" joists in question???

    Could you post a photo or two of the location of the drain install, or a photo of a diagram, so we would have a better idea of what you got & how this should be done.
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