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    All of this legal or not legal access.....and the debates about it....may soon enough become a moot point. Google has for years been about the business of trying to set up free wireless access for everyone within the designated coverage areas. Just like "free" TV and radio, this will come at a cost. Much advertising on your screen, to be exact....as if there isn't enough now.

    There is also a plan/build-out in action here to provide "free" broadband wireless access to all rural residents within a 9 county area. They've been working on it for a few years. If it comes to pass.... what it means to people like our WLAN provider is frightening. He and his wife have invested mucho $$$ and mucho effort setting up this WLAN network to provide us with broadband and themselves with a living. I suspect when/if this actually comes to pass....they will receive some manner of financial restitution from the state coffers. Sure hope so.....and they do too. They've known about it for over two years now.

    The computer & the internet have become virtually indispensible.......even for rural folks. It's a brave (or maybe foolish) new world, and I doubt that it's going away.
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