I took a friends laptop home to load some spreadsheets off of my ancient PC….. Long story but new PC’s do not come with floppy drives, I discovered.

I do not have internet at home or a land line or cable TV. The past few years I have tried to make my life away from work as simple as possible……… Why am I telling you this?.........

Okay, well anyway I got to goofing around with his laptop and found an unsecured network in the neighborhood and was able to log on to MSN from it. It was kind of nice to be able to write a couple of long emails to some friends and be able to surf a bit……….. Most of the time when I post or surf here at TOH I am on the phone at work so it’s a little distracting……….Why am I telling you this?

Alrighty then, when it comes to internet connections I’m kinda dumb. I do not want cable, or a land line or dial up. I would like to set myself up with either a satellite connection or with a cell connection but I am not really sure what’s best or what I need or what cost is associated.

Any advice from you wizened folks?