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    Default Basement sill plate

    We're needing to replace our basement sill plate. We recently noticed a very large gap between the top of our block foundation and the sill plate. It looks like the walls are leaning backwards. This was noticed right after we had a new roof put on. Upon a thorough examination, we noticed what looks like possible termite damagein the sill plate. Our walls in our bedrooms and dorway have large cracks in them. How hard is it to have the sill plate replaced and is this something we can do or should we leave it to a professional, This has to be done because it seems as if its getting worst since we noticed it.

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    Default Re: Basement sill plate

    I think you should first verify exactly what's needed, if anything.

    Are you saying a new roof was put on OVER the old one, or were the old shingles stripped?

    How many layers of shingles are on there now??

    Most codes allow 2 layers, some allow 3.

    If you know one or two carpenters or general contractors thru family, neighbors & friendds in your area, call them first.

    Otherwise, consult the Yellow Pages under "contractors", also under "foundation contractors" and get 2 or 3 free estimates and a diagnosis of exactly what is the problem.

    I think it's premature to focus on replacing the sills at this point.

    If the contractors have the impression that there are structural problems, then perhaps a civil engineer should be consulted so a more accurate evaluation can be done (Yellow Pages: "Engineers, Civil").

    Don't assume or worry that the house is going to fall down (extremely rare), just get some expert opinions.

    Establish over the phone from the contractors that you call for an appointment that their initial estimate is free of charge, otherwise, move on to the next contractor.

    The display ads in the Yellow Pages usually list the specialties & types of work in which they specialize.

    Please post back & let us know what happened.
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    Default Re: Basement sill plate

    We had the old shingles removed along with some damaged wood then new shingles and wood put on. During the time they were doing all this work I felt a lot of vibration in the house, more then normal. I noticed last week when I was in the basement, for some reason the sill plate caught my eye. The sill plate is leaning back towards the wall and when I got the flash light and looked in the gapes that are very notable I could see what looks like wood damage possibly termites or rot from water. If I could draw a picture I could show you how much the sill plate has lifted off the block wall. The only thing I can tell is, it should not be like that and it needs to be fixed. DO you think this is something we can do or will I have to have a professional take care of the problem.

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