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    Question Shower Handle Won't Budge Past 12 'o Clock

    I had a new shower put in during the warmer months. The fact that the new shower handle (the thing that turns the water on/controls temp) only goes to 12 'o clock (and thus only heats the water to lukewarm temp) didn't bother me then, but now that it's cold out I really want to take a hot (or at least warm) shower!

    I have no problem getting hot water out of the sink, so I assume the stuck handle is the problem.

    How can I unstick the handle so I can move it to 9 'o clock and start taking hot showers?

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    Default Re: Shower Handle Won't Budge Past 12 'o Clock

    Did you by any chance have a temperature control or no scald type control installed?
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    Default Re: Shower Handle Won't Budge Past 12 'o Clock

    Did the temperature control handle ever have a greater range of motion than it does now, or has it always been the same?

    Odds are that it's a pressure/temperature balanced valve, and the setting needs to be adjusted a bit to suit your needs. On the valves I've had experience with it's pretty easy to adjust. the first thing I'd recommend is that you pull out the owners manual that came with the fixture. If you don't have one, then Google your brand and model shower valve and get one from the manufacturer. It is likely they have one ****** to view or download.

    From there, you'll need to pop the center "button" out of the handle (assuming a single handle fixture ) then remove the screw that holds the handle in place, and remove the handle from the valve. Under the handle you'll see a "C" shaped ring that is indexed on the valve body, by rotating this ring towards the "hot" side, you'll increase the temperature of the water that exits the fixture via the tub spout or shower head. Move the ring in small increments only, until you've reached the desired temperature (may require reinstalling the handle to activate the valve to test water temp).

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