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Interesting .... I have to admit years ago when I used to repair electronic equipment including TV's ..... never seen what you describe. Not quite sure what you are meaning by a ground lead inside the TV shorting ..... to what?

I've never seen a TV tuner block back feed voltage but i have seen tuner block malfunction changing impedance and loading down the cable input.

It would seem an easy troubleshooting proceedure would be disconnect the TV in question to see if the interferance problem clears.

Just a thought.
I agree with Canuk...I have a degree in electronics never seen a TV back feed into the cable. But I have seen voltage on a ground caused by someone using a ground for a neutral. I think disconnecting the TV to see if there is voltage on the coax would be a simple test. If there was still was no voltage after the TV was disconnected then I would stand corrected. I think the technician should have explained what could be the cause. This whole thing is strange. In 30 years I have never heard of that. But you never know