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    Default Flexible copper radiant heat pipes in ceiling

    I had several flexible copper radiant heat pipes in my dining/den room fall with some plaster/sheetrock. The pipes are almost vertical to the floor. How can they be prevented from breaking when bending them back and reattaching to the ceiling?

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    Default Re: Flexible copper radiant heat pipes in ceiling

    Any photo you can post of the dropped tubing would be helpful.

    Depending on how much tubing has dropped, the standard procedure is to shut off the boiler & the water inlet valve to the supply piping & draining that portion of the heating system the heating system & slowly repositioning the pipes to their original position.

    The water in the pipes is then replaced by turning the water inlet valve back on & refiring the boiler, & bleeding any air out that may have collected in the piping.

    This would prevent any burst pipes with a lot of leaking water if you try to simply push the pipes back quickly.

    This is especially true if there are any copper fittings in the near vicinity of the bended copper tubing.

    Please post any photos you have.

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