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    When it rains, the runoff from my porch roof does not drain into the gutter but instead runs down the fiscia board and onto the ground. I have installed the metal drip edge to no avail. The pitch of the roof is also not that steep, if that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions? Thanks

    Jimmy B

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    The shingles should overhang the edge of the fascia a half inch or so the water doesn't run back to the fascia.

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    Maybe you could try gutter apron. I am replacing my fascia board and am also replacing the drip edge (looks sort of like a 'k' when you look at it from the side) with a gutter apron (looks like an 'l' when you look at it from the side.

    Here is a link to a helpful photo

    here is a link to a discussion of the difference; have included the whole discussion as I found it interesting, but the relevant post is from x-sleeper on 10-03-05 at 8:39

    hope this helps

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