Hi! I'm new here. Anyways, here goes my problem:

I recently added crown moulding to my house. The employee at Home Depot I went to suggested I use caulking instead of spakling for the gaps. I followed her advise and picked up a tube she suggested. It turned out I can't paint over the caulking now no matter what kind of paint or primer I use.They kinda shrink into beads after a while. The caulking I realize now is clear Silicon. On two rooms, I sc****d the caulking away and was able to paint the moulding. There were still spots where the paint did not adhere but not as bad.

Now, can anybody suggest a primer I can use? Better yet, is there a product I can buy so I will have an easier time scraping away the caulking?

I really need help. I have four more rooms to go and my fingers are bleeding already. The Silicon caulking is so hard to sc**** away.