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    Smile "Tom Silvas Tools"

    Does anyone know what brand of cordless tools that Tom Silva uses on the show?

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    Had you looked a few posts down you would have seen a link to the supplier of what I'm pretty sure is the "sponsor" that supplies the tools that Tommy uses exclusively.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    yes, tom uses FESTOOL tools, usually you see him use that drill that is blue and green, he also has a circular saw, jig saw, and sanders, that are FESTOOL tools. you don't hear about this company much b/c its more of a higher end type tool, its made in Germany, and if you go to, or just, you can find them their, but i must warn you they are pretty expensive, its definately not a homeowner "work around the house" type tool

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    Thanks for the information. I'm new to this site so I didn't check all of the related threads.

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