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    Default can i insulate cold room?

    I have a cold rooom under my steps in the front of the house. The basement is finished and warm and a door leads into this scary cold room. Can I insulate it and finish it like the rest of the basement or is there precautions to take to avoid mold...other than usual steps? There is a small screen venting outside. Should I close it or extend it out or what? I would really appreciate some feedback.

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    Default Re: can i insulate cold room?

    One of the main reasons it's cold in that room is because of that opening to the outside.
    If you want to finish off that space the you should properly seal that opening from air and water penetration. Then frame , insulate and finish as desired.

    Now depending on how that opening is configured you may be able to take advantage of it by using it for an exhaust fan. It can be an advantage to have a basement exhaust fan for removing odors and humidity that can accumulate in a basement. A good sized bathroom type of exhaust fan will do.

    Hope this helps.

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