Hi all,

I have a window well with a hole. This hole which I don't believe drains anywhere. Reason why I say this is b/c I can put a stick 4 in beyond the black plastic pipe and noted mug. I was able to put a 6 foot pole down it and all i get is mug. I had Roto Rooter to come by and they did not fix it and it cost me 239 dollars for 40 minutes of work- WHAT A RIP OFF!!! They claim a pipe must be collapsed. I don't think there is a drainage connection. I have 3 other window well and there is no hole/drainage for water. My gutter has ice that is melting into the well. I don't think just preventing the ice from melting will work. After I use a shop vac to suction out the water from the hole - water come back up the hole- I spoke to a excuvation company and stated a french drain system might help- i already have one but it could be bad. I installed a sump pump not knowing the cause was the window well was the cost. I demo the dry wall and I am 100% positive its the problem. I thought of doing a dry well? from the hole- but the excuvation company stated that if i have clay in the ground it would not work- I do have clay- any thoughts to fix this problem without spending thousands!! thank you