We are going to begin building a new home in a few weeks (around March 20th--yeah!! ). The center of our home is vaulted and all open and includes kitchen/dining on one half and living room on the other half. The total inside deminsions of the space is 19W x 29L. The kitchen has an L-shaped layout with a 14' wall of cabinets coming toward the living room and a 10' bar seperating the two rooms. We will also have a 5x5 island in the kitchen. I'm trying to figure out what kind of lighting I can do with the vaulted ceilings. I don't know how tall they will be, but I'm guessing 16-20'. I wanted pendant lights over the bar, but I'm afraid the poles to hang them on will have to be very long and won't look right. I also wanted recessed lights, but now sure how they work with the vaulted ceiling. I don't think I want a ceiling fan, but I haven't totally ruled it out. If anyone has similar ceilings or a layout or you have built them, I would appreciate some input and even pictures if you have them.