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    Default How to install a window well


    I have recently purchased a home and the home inspector suggested I create window wells for eahc window in the basement. The reason is to get the ground away from the window sil. When I look for how to's, I find large window wells, that you could climb out of. I don't think I need to go that deep. But my question is, how deep should I go? And what do I need? Galvanized steel, crushed stone and felt for the bottom I think.

    I just don't think I need to make it that deep if the goal is to get the ground away from the window, but I don't want to have issues with water, etc.

    Any thoughts? Let me know if I am not clear.


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    Default Re: How to install a window well

    How close is the window to the ground? It may not be necessary. As long as the grade slopes away from the house it will likely cause more trouble to add a well.

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