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    Default best geothermal system

    Does anyone have recommendations for the best (most efficient and reliable) geothermal system? I saw TOH had the "earth to air" system on their site with the new products.
    I would appreciate any recommendations or advice.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: best geothermal system

    To answer your question you have to realize that the system you want can be made up of several different parts with different manufactors. I have always like Wikipedia for their information and it is pretty good on "geotheremal Systems"

    Also check out for a 4 page crash course. I think the hardest thing you are going to have to find is a contractor who does this kind of work. I would definately get some referals. Part of the system will need a well driller, and then an HVAC contrator to install the pump. I have seen 2 ClimateMaster sytems, but I don't know how they compare. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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    Default Re: best geothermal system

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: best geothermal system

    Be prepared for sticker shock ... geothermal systems are very expensive ... especially in a retrofit urban situation.

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