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    My wife and I were just married this past summer, and we bought a charming old house in the oldest neighbourhood in our city. (Windsor, ON). The basement is completely unfinished and when we bought the house there was no indication (to me) that the basement leaked. Due to the unusual amount of rain this fall and winter we have noticed that water seemes to seep in through the concrete pad and form puddles. I know this sounds strange but where our furnace is (in the middle of the basement 60yrs old)is where the water seems to seep in. I've also noticed a couple of spots at the base of the walls where water appears to be leaking in................On top of that we just learned our water main is galvanized. We plan to start renovating/finishing the basement this summer we just don't know where to start. Is it better to just bust up the whole floor and start over? or is there a more cost efficient solution?

    Matt Jean
    Windsor, Ontario
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