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    Question Composite Decking

    Need Help - Can anyone recommend a specific band of composite decking? Trex, CrossTimbers, Fiberon, Boardwalk, Eon, Oasis, Timber Tech, Nex Wood, Choice, Ever Grain, Premier, AmeriDeck??

    So many brands. I have read about Trex mold problem. Any recommendations?

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    Without a doubt Timbertech. Our company has refused to install anything else without a fight. They have the right balance between wood content and polymers. Look at their new tropical line for the best look in the market. Avoid EON looks great but a million problems, we are contracted to replace a $30,000 eon deck with tropical walnut timbertech.

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    Default Re: Composite Decking for JKLAWNSCAPES

    Been checking out TimberTech after reading your post here and I had a couple of questions I couldn't find on

    1. Do you have a rough cost-range estimate for a 12' X 20' deck installed at grade level (no height), standard railing on both 12' sides and only on 1 of the 20' sides ? I wanted to pose the question as simply as possible just to get a general idea of the materials/labor cost.

    2. What would be the additional cost of 'Dry Guard' paneling system under this proposed deck if it were elevated 7 ft. high?

    3. Finally, any idea on adding a simple stairway - just stairs leading from ground to the 7 ft. level no special cuts or designs...?
    Thanks -- my wife and I are really looking at the TimberTech system for our home and the additional recreationsal space it could provide underneath.

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