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    Default Garage Finishing

    I am going to finish out my garage into a game room, but according to city code I cannot remove my garage door. I plan on securing the door to the concrete with anchor bolts, but do you guys have any suggestions on building a wall that will be energy efficient in stopping heat and cold?

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    Default Re: Garage Finishing

    I have seen garge doors removed in many different places and then walls put up in their place. Or a converted garage, just like you said. But, if you say it can't be done, okay. How about just disconnecting the electric to the garage door. then you could "build a room withing a room" effect. A couple of inches away from the garage door you could put a wall that runs along the front of the garage up to the ceiling. Build it just like you would any wall with your 2 x 4 studs to the ceiling, insulation inbetween the studs, and drywall to finish it off. Remember, keep it simple, since you might have to tear it down if it violates the building code. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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