Suggestions, please, on what sort of tool I could use to dig holes (approx. 2 inches in diameter and 10 to 15 inches deep) so as to distribute organic fertilizer for young trees. Also need to do this around a transplanted large tree, which requires a good number of holes. So far, I've been using a shepherd's staff (the iron pole used to hang bird feeders and such things on). The iron cross section near the bottom gave me something to stand on to push the remainder of the staff into the ground. I'd then work the pole around until I got the right diameter hole. Of course, this past fall, the staff broke.

Only suggestion I got from a well-meaning friend was to use a post hole digger, but that would surely destroy the tree's much too big. I've looked in Lowe's and other hardware stores, but can't find anything. A salesperson in Lowe's suggested that I contact a welder to construct something such as a heavy duty iron pole with a cross-T section, but a whole lot sturdier than the shepherd's staff. Any other ideas would be much appreciated.