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    Quote Originally Posted by kentvw View Post
    We often build pipe racks or cable tray racks supported by all-thread and need to run the nuts out at various lengths. What we do is weld a socket to one end of a steel pipe and weld a hole saw arbor to the other end. If you don't have a welder I don't think you would spend much having one made up at a welding shop.
    Thought I would update this. I followed Kent's advice and had a custom socket made. I took a socket over to my machinist who cut it in half and welded a length of pipe in the middle. He kept forgetting about it and it ended up taking nearly two weeks to get the finished socket, so he ended up not charging me at all due to the delays, even though I assured him that time was of no consequence. At any rate, this thing is SLICK and works like a charm. It will run nuts down 6" of thread in seconds, where trying to do the same by hand would require much more effort and several minutes. Another advantage is that buggered threads don't slow the drill down, unlike needed a wrench when trying to get past a tight spot by hand.

    Thanks for all the help and ideas, much appreciated folks.
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    Sprucey .... great stuff .
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