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    Default Tiles on Kitchen Walls, what to do?

    Hello All:
    I'm new at This Old House. My home is over 50 yrs old. My kitchen walls are half tile and half plaster all the way around. The tiles are those big bathroom tiles. I'd like to have the tile removed but have found out its very costly. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on what I can do? I'm seriously rethinking my kitchen plans. I'm located in Washington, DC.

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    Default Re: Tiles on Kitchen Walls, what to do?

    Why not remove the tiles yourself. It's not too scientific. Just get a small prybar and a hammer. Slip the tip of the bar in behind the first tile and drive it in with the hammer a little ways and pop it off. Then start with the next tile, until you're done. You'll mess up the wall a bit but it'll have either glue or something on there that held the tiles. You'll have to sc**** that off somewhat smoothly to get ready for the next finish that you want to install.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Tiles on Kitchen Walls, what to do?

    Don't be surprised if the tiles break, the better the tiles were applied the harder they will be to remove.

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    Default Re: Tiles on Kitchen Walls, what to do?

    How long have you owned the house? Not long maybe? If the tiles are "those big bathroom tiles" that would mean, normally, 12" X 12" floor tiles. If that's what you have then they'd be 1/4" and probably applied with premixed adhesive to hide something. They normally come off as easy as ma2804 described. You could then simply plaster over the walls to make any texture you'd like.
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