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    Default Replacing Flooring - no subfloor

    We live in an old farmhouse with an addition added onto the front approximately 1930. The biggest issues that we have are:

    A. When they added onto the front, they knocked out the north section of the basement wall and never replaced it, causing the house to "cave" inbetween the old and new sections - what is the best way to go about fixing this? House jacks? Should we bother replacing any of the wall in the basement (we do not use for anything, not even storage)

    B. The addition has some flooring that is rotting and there is no subflooring underneath. What is the best way to replace this?

    Any help/commentary would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Replacing Flooring - no subfloor

    From what you posted I am guessing that the basement wall was the footer for a bearing wall. It should be replaced either with a new wall or a support beam on concrete filled posts set into an ample footer. the house will have to be jacked up, depending on how much "caving" has taken place this could take weeks to accomplish, and the beam or wall installed. Not exactly the job for am amateur.

    Many old houses had flooring put down without sub-floor. As I see it you have two options. One is to find a place that can custom make like flooring and install that or install 3/4" plywood sub-floor and new flooring which will raise the level.
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