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    Default sliding patio door vs. swinging patio door

    My husband and I have talked with several door/window companies; each claiming to have the most energy efficient door. The more we talk to sales people, the more confused we get. Also we're debating between a sliding and swinging (half french door). We know a sliding door is more economical, but which is more energy efficient and which is prone to less mechanical problems? We would also love to get shades seal in the glass. Any words of advice or wisdom?

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    Default Re: sliding patio door vs. swinging patio door


    There are many unique designs and varieties of doors available on the market today including patio doors and French doors.

    I would prefer uPVC French Doors because French doors open outwards or inwards instead of side to side. And, double opening French doors are available in a variety of attractive colours, styles and finishes that will suit every individual preference.

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    Default Re: sliding patio door vs. swinging patio door

    The quality of the door system is what makes the difference. Either will work well and last if you buy quality. The advantage of the slider is that it takes up no floor space where as a french door needs swing room. If you plan on having the door open with a screen you can loose a lot of floor space with a swing door.
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    Default Re: sliding patio door vs. swinging patio door

    IMHO, sliders are more utilitarian and swing are more elegant. Both will seal well, though I suspect that the slider will be slightly better. As cool as internal blinds are, I don't recommend them, they're expensive and they eventually fail and can't be repaired or replaced without replacing the glass.
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