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    Default bleaching burn marks

    After 40 years, I finally left the screen open. Now I have a silver dollar (2 inch) burn on the Oak floor. I used a circular sander to get the char off, but stopped before I dug to deep a hole. I really do not want to use a vibrating sander to finish and blend the depression into the rest of the floor.

    Does anyone have any experience in using a strong bleach such as Oxalic acid to bleach the remaining scorch marks out? Is there any other solution other then sanding or cutting a patch out of the floor?

    Please Help!

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    Default Re: bleaching burn marks

    Maybe just cut in a Dutchman and sand smooth. Some flooring, a decent table saw and a good sharp chisel and you can make it flat again. Even if it does require a bit of sanding........... You can always say..... Remember when........

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