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    Unhappy wet crawl space

    I had rain for 2 straight weeks. I looked underneath my house, through the crawl space, and noticed there was 4 in of water under the house. I pumped the water out and immediately got a heavy duty fan, aimed it directly into the crawl space in an attempt to dry out underneath the house. It has been blowing non-stop for over a week and it is still muddy underneath the house. All of the vents under the house are open. Is there anything that I can do to speed up the process? The house is quite old...built in the 60's. HELP!!??

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    try adding a space heater if possible, i no it sucks at this time of year. there is also a product that they sell at the home centers that pulls moister out of the air, i belive its like a granular product. i have a wet basement and i use a dehumidifier, that would be better than a space heater in this season. i geuss it comes down to cost effectiveness.

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    We have a wet crawl space to and was told to keep all vents closed,while we do not have the same problem with water runnig in where is still water down there,if you find out hoe to keep it dry colud us some help.
    Thank you Louise

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